About Me: Alek Garcia

Hello everyone, my name is Alek Eli Garcia. Born in the year 2001, this makes me nineteen years old and a freshman at the University of Washington. I grew up in a small city in Oregon named Woodburn. Based on its name it would be easy to assume that the city is known for burning wood, but in reality it’s nothing short of an ordinary town with a population of twenty thousand inhabitants that mostly consist of whites and latinos. Because of this, I grew up largely enriched in hispanic and latino culture. Thank god. It’s also the only place I’ve ever lived in, except for when I moved to Seattle in the fall of 2019 to further my studies after high school. A decision I would later largely regret. I’m kidding.

I have one dog, a shih tzu, named Juliette. She’s like my daughter. I’ll talk about her whenever I get the opportunity, like here for example. Then there’s my mom and dad, and two brothers- one’s older than me while the other is younger, thus making me the prized middle child. You’ll probably hear me complaining about it for the rest of my life.

There’s no major set in stone in terms of what I want to study, but I do have my eyes centered around the area of art and design. I guess this makes me a left thinker, right? I’m not really sure how that works- the whole artist versus intellect debate. All I know is that I’d rather pick up a paintbrush than a pencil. Most of the time. I enjoy reading, writing, taking photos, playing video games, spending money I don’t have, and consistently making self deprecating jokes that would later result in my impaired mental health. I’m kidding, again. Partially.

You can probably find me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the sale section at whichever Nordstrom I happen to be at.

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