About Me: Arianna

Hi friends! It’s me Arianna,

Let me start by saying I really think archaeology is cool and I am honestly excited to learn more! Now for some facts. I grew up in a very small town and then moved to the big city which initially was a big shock but NOW, I love the environment that Seattle has given me. The things you could see and visit in such a short radius is what made it even more great. It just went and showed me that people from small towns kind of do have small minds (personally speaking, not that people have small minds cause that would be rude to say). Anyways I am a third year student at the University of Washington and am majoring in psychology, which has been a real big journey for sure. I love learning about all the possible reasons people do things it’s so intriguing. When school was actually active and people were on campus, I worked in the Suzzallo library as an information services student assistant, it was fun. Some things I enjoy are taking lots of pictures, spending time with my animals: Brutus, Loki, Copper, Athena, MeowMeow, and lastly hanging out with my brothers and sisters, especially my twin brother. All together there’s 8 of us! I also enjoy being in nature, it’s a happy place of mine. Anyways that concludes my story time, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Sending well wishes to everyone! Peace and love my friends!

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