About me: Rosario

Hi There!
I am currently a senior in the Medical anthropology and global health major. I’m originally from Washington but from the eastern side so moving to Seattle for school was still a major change in environments. The west and east side of Washington are very different. My hobbies include dancing, short video making, and singing karaoke. I have a very big family being 1 of 8 siblings, so growing up there was never a dull day in the house. I have a very strong love for all animals, including my boxer daisy who is the sweetest girl ever. I enjoy being outdoors and exploring new parks, my goal is to visit every state park in the US once quarantine is over ! I am very excited to graduate this year and despite the turn of events this year I feel this year will be one hell of a story to tell to my future children.

my boxer daisy and I …she loves to pose as if shes not looking

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