J. Heath

My name is Jelani Heath, I am a Junior at UW and an Anthropology major. I was raised in Puyallup, WA, which is about an hour south of Seattle. In my sophomore year in high school, I went and tried out for the track team. Turns out I was quite fast and good. That’s is how I ended up here at UW. To be completely honest UW was not my first choice. Being raised here my entire life, I wanted to leave this state. I had a full ride to run at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, yes, where Michael Jordan played. Sadly, I turned it down to be close to my family. I think it may have been my best/worst decision.

freshman year

Fast forward to my junior year at UW. I came here to be a physical therapist or something within the sports field. I took BIO 118 and figured out that wasn’t the approach for me, at least not that one. I switched through many majors to finally come to one that makes me want to study (a little bit more). Anthropology is one major I had never heard of before coming to UW. I truly believed it was the study of how candles were made… please, I know better now. with anthropology I want to use it to study the culture in sports.