About Me: Mayrel F.

Hello! My name is Mayrel Franco and I am a sophomore at the University of Washington in Seattle. I began my college journey as a pre-nursing student but starting winter quarter of my second year I realize that there were other things that I loved being part of and I made a switch in my life. After a crazy quarter of despair I found a way to incorporate all the classes I was interested in and now I’m planning to double major in ECO (Education, Communities and Organizations) and Medical Anthropology and Global Health. I love learning about history, health, education, anthropology an philosophy! I love visiting new places and having unexpected adventures. I love animals and I am all about animal rights! I enjoy learning about different cultures and one of my favorite things to do is to serve and teach in a preschool classroom located in Beacon Hill. In the future I would like to become a high school teacher. On my spare time I like to get ideas from Pinterest and create art while I listen to my favorite Spotify playlist on a sunny day.

Here is a lovely picture of my dog and I having a nice time outside. My dog stole my mom’s shoe!

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