Lab 1b- Garbology

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, this past week I was proud of my household because a lot of the things in our garbage were things that don’t cause as much harm as it did before. Prior to being in quarantine because of COVID-19 we didn’t really eat what many consider “healthy”, most of our garbage consisted of takeout food and takeout containers, plastic waters, candy or chip wrappers, among other various things. And our garbage easily within two to three days would need to be taken out. Considering we are only three girls in my household, we were constantly annoyed having to take out the garbage all the time.

However, throughout this week a lot of garbage consisted of banana peels, oatmeal containers, vegetable storage bags, or fruit containers, along with a variety of different food disposable wrappers. It made me realize that our eating habits have changed within a short span of just a couple weeks, due to this pandemic, we for sure no longer drink from plastic water bottles. This past Monday we bought another filter for our Puree. A month ago we would have been taking turns every other day taking out the trash and running around without having a consistent meal time or eating once a day; usually at night and eating unhealthy food. A month ago some of the things we constantly consumed included McDonalds food, Subway, Chipotle, or food from a local restaurant near school, along with energy drinks or Starbucks. Now we actually go grocery shopping and buy real food to make great meals, where we for sure have at least two meals a day and snack on healthy options. We actually went grocery shopping specifically for healthy options and have for sure been saving a lot of money. We do have an occasional Starbucks drink, but it’s gone from an everyday consumption to a once a week thing.

Personally I think most people will be throwing away similar items, especially because during this pandemic, maintaining a strong immune system is crucial, therefore we as a society need to make good healthy decisions such as choosing to eat food that will enhance our health. According to experts, exercise is part of staying healthy and “is especially important now because it reducess stress, prevents weight gain, boost the immune system, and improves sleep”. Another reason I think most people are consuming similar things, is because where I live I don’t really see many people going out to get Uber Eats as much as before or if people are outside they are coming back from a run, work, or a grocery store and usually I see vegetable wrappers with an occasional chips bag or a 12- can soda box. Most of my neighbors are taking this pandemic serious and making good decisions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On the other side, a change in consumption allows us to reflect and see that most people are at home rather than out and about. One thing that our current consumption reflects is that now, most households garbage will consist of toilet paper, rather than having work places or public areas dispose of it, it’ll be neighborhoods that do it since everyone is home and socializing via online instead of going to places and meeting people in person. A future archeologist might see that a lot of toilet paper, food wrappers, and a lot of hoarded objects and could interpret these next months as society going through a crisis because a lot of the objects being bought according to 9ABC include “health products, gym equipment and home supplies” which makes sense because a lot of people are buying hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, or weights.

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About me: Aylin

Hi! My name is Ayin Laguna, I am currently a third year majoring in Medical Anthropology & Global Health. I find anthropology an interesting way of learning how social factors can affect health outcomes and create certain disparities among individuals. Taking various different/diverse courses like archeology makes me fall in love with my major all over again. I’m from Mattawa, Washington which is a very small town and about a three hour drive from Seattle. In my spare time I like to go on adventures with my family and friends, catch up on the latest novela, and go on a jog to keep myself sane.

I decided to upload this picture of me, because after multiple attempts I finally was able to get my sister to take a picture of me 🙂