About Me: Jacob

Quarantine Life

Hi Guys!

My name is Jacob McCullough, and I am from Spokane WA. I did running start at EWU, and I am finishing my undergrad at UW. I am majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health. I am a healthcare professional (ugh, COVID sucks), and I LOVE to go camping, hiking, and adventuring. Cooking is a deep passion of mine. I am a dog dad of two, cat dad of one, and plant dad to 31.

About Me: Balqisa

Taken in Tokyo near the famous Sensō-ji Temple in Asakusa.

Hello Everyone! My name is Balqisa. I am graduating senior majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health with a minor in diversity. This is my first ever Archeology class and I am excited to learn and break some of the preconceived notions I may have. Within Anthropology as a whole, my interests surround inequality and how that affects our health and wellbeing.

Outside of class, I love spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy traveling and learning more about other cultures. In my free time, I love hiking, painting, and photography.

About Me: Victoria

Aloha, everyone! My name is Victoria Ann Toribio Tirado. I am an undergraduate student studying at the University of Washington double-majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health and Early Childhood and Family Studies. I did my capstone project on the importance of storytelling in a child’s cognitive and social development by way of mental frameworks, identity building and early introduction for novelty in learning. I truly love the aspect of archaeology that pieces together stories of peoples and places from remnants of the past.

Daughter of two amazing parents and little sister of an incredible lady as well as a furry, four-legged good-boy. Was born in New York but lived for much of her childhood on the island of Oahu (HI), she has called the PNW her home since 2001. She will be graduating from the University of Washington in the year 2020 and will later pursue Nursing School and, with high hopes, a DNP!

About me: Rosario

Hi There!
I am currently a senior in the Medical anthropology and global health major. I’m originally from Washington but from the eastern side so moving to Seattle for school was still a major change in environments. The west and east side of Washington are very different. My hobbies include dancing, short video making, and singing karaoke. I have a very big family being 1 of 8 siblings, so growing up there was never a dull day in the house. I have a very strong love for all animals, including my boxer daisy who is the sweetest girl ever. I enjoy being outdoors and exploring new parks, my goal is to visit every state park in the US once quarantine is over ! I am very excited to graduate this year and despite the turn of events this year I feel this year will be one hell of a story to tell to my future children.

my boxer daisy and I …she loves to pose as if shes not looking

Author Bio – Reese

Hi guys! I’m a senior and I’m majoring in Anthropology. Some of my hobbies are running, video games, TV/movies, and weightlifting. Honestly, while in quarantine, I feel as if I’ve been thriving. I’m able to get ample sleep and enjoy all my hobbies, while still finishing my school work. I have two brothers (I’m the middle child) and a dog named Luna. I enjoy connecting with other people and I’m excited to move forward in this class with everybody.

Happy Girl

About me ~ Willem!

Howdy, everyone! My name is Willem Pautler, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m a third year studying Anthropology and Archaeological Sciences. My family currently lives in unincorporated Bothell, but we hail from the St. Louis area. I moved around the midwest a lot as a child due to my father being in the Army.

I’m in the Husky Marching Band (skodawgs) and I play clarinet, so feel free to reach out if you want a music buddy. I enjoy making music, general conviviality, improving my carpentry and craftsmanship, and cooking! Some facets of Anthropology and Archaeology that interest me the most are urban exploration and ethnomusicology.

(Here I am with my friends Cindy (Left) and Georgia (right) at the 2019-2020 Las Vegas Bowl, where the UW Huskies crushed Boise State Broncos 38-7).

About Me – Kauthar S.

Hi everyone! My name is Kauthar and I am a senior studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health with a minor in Bioethics. Although I was born on the small East African island of Zanzibar, I have lived in Bellevue Washington my whole life and would definitely consider it my second home. Outside of school and the study of health I enjoy fashion, brunching and traveling. I have been fortunate enough to visit many different places in the world and I hope to be able to apply my experiences to this class.

With this Spring being my final quarter here at the UW I really wanted to take classes that were different from what I am used to and forced me outside of my comfort zone. ARCHY 269 does exactly that! This is the second ARCHY class I have taken and because I have already fulfilled my ARCHY 200-level requirement for my major, my hope is to approach this class and what we learn through our coursework with more interest and intrigue. I am excited to learn even more about the field of archaeology and how it can expand my plate of knowledge!

About me ~ Lily

Hey everyone!! My name is Liliana Gomez but I go by Lily. I am a third year undergrad studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health. This is my first archeology so I am excited to get learn more and apply it to my everyday life. I am originally from Yakima Washington but now live in Seattle with my two best friends. On my free time, I like to be out in the sun doing anything as long as its in the sun, binge watch shows, and hanging out with my siblings ( I have four of them). These are just two of the four in the picture just two days ago.

We were supposed to be doing kissy faces but then the youngest had did something funny so this is what we got lol!

About Me – Clarissa S

My name is Clarissa and I am a first year studying medical anthropology. I have always been fascinated by medicine and loved the idea of spending my life studying such an innovative and fast-growing academic field. The majority of my family works in medicine and I look up to them in every way imaginable.

I see myself as someone who loves the sciences, mostly due to its ability to affect so many lives. And primarily, I love meeting new people and listening to stories, especially those that vary so much from our day-to-day lives. I think that simply being an observer and studying cultures that vary from our own is so enlightening and brings more opportunities for growth and learning.

Clarissa S

About Me – Aleila

Hi! My name is Aleila Alefaio, I am an undergrad studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health. I really enjoy what I study because I can connect my education to my culture – identity has always been a big thing for me, so I feel very fortunate being able to further my education and still be in touch with my roots. I’ve stayed in Australia and studied in New Zealand – this is my first archaeology class, so I can’t wait to see how it will further expand my world. Other than school, I like spontaneous adventures, being with my family, and hanging out with my little hippo!!

My little hippo (Kong) showing off his gap teef during teef check.