About me: Nat

Hey everyone, my name is Nat!

Professional Life

I’m a senior at UW, majoring in Anthropology. I am most interested in the intersection between anthropology and technology! I hope to use my coding background to further my knowledge of the human condition. In that same vein, I also have a particular interest in relationship between people and technology!

Personal life

Life is pretty interesting for me right now. I’m in the probably relatable predicament where I suddenly need to put more time into a hobby or go stir-crazy in quarantine. Lately I find my time mostly consists of going on jogs, listening to musicals, playing video games, doting on my cat (named Dogg–don’t judge me, I was 8 when I named her) and knitting! Below is a picture of my latest project, a Lord of the Rings scarf for one of the friends I play video games with. I think the key to surviving quarantine for me can be summarized in two easy words: keep busy.

Thanks for reading!